About Us

Marcia's Story

Norm and I met in 2003. We have been living together since 2004. We've had many wonderful years together, but over the years, Norm developed some health issues that caused edema/swelling in his lower extremities.

Various doctors instructed him to elevate his feet. Sounds easy right? But how do you keep your feet elevated over night? The pillows always end up on the floor and your feet are still swollen in the morning. I was determined to help him.

Half joking, a doctor said "you're a big guy. You're going to need more than a couple of pillows". So we started with pillows and an extra comforter. Just like the pillows, everything ended up on the floor and ultimately was not high enough or firm enough.

Next we tried the comforter rolled up in a sleeping bag with straps to keep it rolled up. This was much more effective - better firmness and elevation. As usual though, it ended up on the floor. We had to find a way to make this stay on the bed! I decided that the best way to keep the pillow on the bed was to have something underneath him that was attached to the pillow. This was how the Solace Edema Pillow was born.

We brainstormed on the design, tested and settled on the final product. The design was effective, comfortable, and most importantly, stayed on the bed through the night (and Norm was able to see his ankles and put his shoes on himself EVERY morning).


Norm's Story

I've got some medical issues. Getting up every morning with swollen feet and struggling daily to put my shoes was getting disheartening. Fortunately, I have an amazing woman by my side. She's helped me through a lot, including my problems with edema.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in my late 30's. This disease went undiagnosed for years. I had the symptoms, but didn't know what they meant. As we men are known to do, I didn't see a doctor to find out what was going on. By the time I finally went to the doctor, the damage had already begun.

In my 40's I was diagnosed with an enlarged and weak heart. Of course, being a man, I ignored the warnings of the doctors about my overal condition. As a result, between my diabetes and my heart disease, my choronic edema delveloped.

I was put on medication for this and medication for that. What none of these medications did was solve the problem of my swollen feet. They probably even contributed to it. All the doctors could advise me to do is to "elevate your feet".

I spent years sleeping with pillows under my feet. Or should I say, attempting to? We tried several different ways of trying to keep those pillows on the bed all night. After much trial and error, we came up with the Solace Edema Pillow. I spent two years with our homemade version before we figured out we should share this with the world.

I was the original guinea pig for the Solace Edema Pillow. It works!


It's not a cure, it's piece of mind.