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    The Solace Edema Pillow
    It's portable
    It's lightweight
    It's comfortable and easy to use

    It's a fraction of the cost of a hospital bed

Help For Edema Sufferers

If you are struggling with the condition EDEMA,
we have the relief you are looking for!

Edema is the medical term for fluid retention in the body. Usually this happens in the lower extremities of the body - the feet, ankles and legs.

Many conditions cause Edema - heart disease, kidney disease, sport injuries, post-surgery, pregnancy. The Solace Edema Pillow may help bring relief to all of these conditions, and more.

This is the pillow that:

  • Stays on the bed the entire time you are resting
  • Will help you feel good again
  • Will give you back your independence
  • Will change your life

It's not a cure. It's peace of mind!

Manufactured in America
Patent Approved